Fantasy Football Coin


Fantasy sports competitions only last one season and do not reflect the real world of team sports. We would like to create a fantasy football coin.

Fantasy sports managers compete for prizes which are available to only a few winners

The platforms are simple and generic – time for a change


What if your fantasy sports points could be traded?


Fantasy football is played on free platforms. Whilst free to play fantasy sport is fun, many competitive managers would prefer enhancing the competitive experience through rich reward.

By introducing a cross platform token, managers will be able to earn rewards regardless of the free platform and earn rewards year on year. This is exactly how a “real world”team operates. Value based progress year on year.

The platform (still thinking of a better idea) will feature all fantasy football leagues, allowing managers to earn fantasy football coins (FFC)

FFC will be redeemable for ERC 20 tokens.

One login provides access to the corwss platform and competition fantay sports competitions

Receive your own ERC20 wallet address with private key

Deposit FFC tokens direcly to your wallet

Your FFC tokens carry over to all cross platform fantasy sports competions

Experience multi season management