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If ever you needed proof of the blossoming popularity of Fantasy Football, then you should direct your attention towards Fantasy Football Fix. It’s now a secure website offering a dizzying number of tools to help you analyse, optimise and ultimately manage your Fantasy Football team. A series of algorithms will tell you who to pick and who to bench on each game and predict your most likely top performers and therefore prime candidates for the ‘double points’ captaincy role. The system also recommends transfers and estimates where you are likely to finish in a particular game week based on your current team selection. There are even more tools at your disposal if you pay for the ‘Premium Version’ too. It’s quite a remarkable proposition.

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Fix fantasy football

Given how it functions in the internet age, it’s easy to forget that Fantasy Football started as a play-by-mail game controlled via double page spreads in newspapers. That said, the popularity of the game in the biggest British publications like The Sun had already taken hold by the mid-90s. The concept even spawned a weekly comedy show hosted by David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, which peaked when the notoriously tone-deaf duo collaborated with Indie band The Lightning Seeds on seminal football anthem Three Lions.

Still, these were inauspicious beginnings for the game. Like so many other concepts, it needed a vehicle to spread its appeal. And then came the internet. Now, over 5 million people play via the Premier League’s very own flagship Fantasy Football offering. The newspapers have successfully translated their own games for the online market too, with millions more playing via those versions. It’s not uncommon for football fans to have several teams on the go at the same time. With such popularity, comes opportunity. That’s where Fantasy Football Fix has found its niche.

Premier league fantasy football fix

In addition to tribal loyalty to their respective teams, football fans tend to share another love – statistics. After all, football is a numbers game first and foremost. The more you score, the more you win and the better you are. Strikers are judged on their goal ratios; wingers thrive on assists while defenders and goalkeepers covet clean sheets as if they were gold dust. Fantasy Football has harnessed all these variables to create the game much love. But football is also a game between two teams with varying quality of players and different degrees of form. That makes it ripe for statistical analysis and prediction tools. Which is why Fantasy Football Fix can work.

The site effectively tries to predict and model the decision-making process which encourages ‘managers’ to chop and change their team on a weekly basis. You know the score if you’ve ever played the game. You need to check who your squad members are playing next, whether they are home or way, even whether they are likely to be ‘rested’ in these days of squad rotation. Could an injury have opened the door for the striker who is sitting on the bench? I remember parachuting Fernando Llorente into my team when Harry Kane got injured once. And then Spurs picked Heung Min-Son up front instead. It’s can never be an exact science, but Fantasy Football Fix tries to find a formula that closes resembles it. And it probably wouldn’t have recommended Llorente.

Fantasy football fix features

When you visit Fantasy Football Fix, you can be forgiven for feeling intimidated by the sheer volume of information in front of you. There is a huge amount of information, but as it turns out the fundamentals are pretty straightforward. I should point out that some of the tools are free, while you have to pay for most of the advanced features.

Load Your Team

Fantasy Football Fix has made your first step as a registered member super easy, as long as you’re are a Premier League Fantasy Football player. They have integrated with the Premier League’s own website so you can load your team directly into the Fantasy Football Fix website simply by punching in your Premier League Fantasy Football username and password. It couldn’t be easier and makes for an impressive start.

The Dugout

This is where you’ll find your full squad so you can start running some analysis. Two-way integration means you can move players in and out of your team from this page and the changes will be reflected in the Premier League website. You can also see some headline statistics from this page. Fantasy Football Fix predict, for example, how much your squad is likely to change in value over the following days and weeks. It also shows your best performing and worst performing players and predicts the difficulty – or otherwise – of the next game week’s fixtures for your defence, midfield and attack.  The Dugout provides a great overview, although you’ll need to pay for premium features if you want to delve deeper into your statistics.

Assistant Manager

Fantasy football fix features

This is the section of the site you’ll find most useful if you choose not to fork out any money for premium features. You can still use the site’s technology to inform many of your decisions via the free version. Fantasy Football Fix projects the number of points you can expect to pick up from the game week and then makes transfer and substitution recommendations in a bid to improve it. Its algorithms also nominate the best Captain and Vice-Captain for your team. You can even click one button – the Single Click Optimizer – to pick your best XI possible. And if you click to remove a player from your squad, you receive an automatic recommendation for a replacement, all based on upcoming games and current form. This is a great tool for determining the best use of your premier league fantasy football wildcard.

The Game Week Rotator is perhaps the best feature of all here. It gives you a five-week view of the upcoming fixtures for the players in your squad and turns them into recommendations for your starting XI. I will say that it didn’t predict too many changes for my own team. If you’re like me, then you’ll have a balanced squad featuring some expensive ‘no brainers’ alongside some mid-price safe bets and then some cheapo squad fillers which you never expect to play. Nevertheless, by rotating my squad, Fantasy Football Fix predicted I’d win an extra 36 points over five weeks. It’s hard to work out how strong those recommendations were after the event, but signs are that the tool did a good job.

Price Change and Transfer Stats

Two more features you can access through the free version of the product relate to transfers and player value. The integration with the Premier League site has allowed Fantasy Football Fix to query the database and track even the most minor changes in player value. They combine that with statistics regarding transfers in and out to make algorithmic predictions regarding player value which you can use to track the relative worth of your team and make transfer decisions.

There are some seriously geeky stats at work here, and many players will love it. They’ve even created their very own ‘Bandwagon’ rating to track a player’s popularity in the here and now, rather than his overall popularity. It models a percentage rating based on how much a player has been transferred in and out over the last week, as opposed to the percentage of squads which feature his name. Just wait until a major player gets injured and see how it impacts the numbers. You can often see a knock-on effect as the injured player is transferred out and his likely replacement in the team parachuted in too many teams.

Fix Predictive Stats

Premium features abound in this section, but again Fantasy Football Fix can boast some impressive achievements. You can tell they’ve teamed up with some of the most sophisticated football statisticians in the world because they’ve started modelling predicted lineups, possible points for all your squad members and fixture difficulty for each Premier League club. It might not appeal to football romantics who remain convinced of the beautiful unpredictability of the beautiful game, but it attempts to reduce football to numbers and help you pick the right Fantasy Football Team off the back of its results.

This is one of the most interesting elements of the app and it’s almost hard to fathom the amount of effort being put into the art of Fantasy Football The aim is simple: to enable you to pick the players who are likely to pick up the most points over a defined period up to a maximum of 7 games. It takes midweek fixtures into account, which is where players can score additional points via a second match too. If you’re a football nerd, and there’s a good chance you are either that or a hugely competitive person if you care this much about your Fantasy Football Team, then this stuff will be like porn. I’m not sure whether anybody independent has been able to verify the success rate that said.

Fix Fantasy Football Stats

The Fix Stats area contains a wealth of information regarding all players in the Premier League Fantasy Football database. You can also create a host of custom stat tables to satisfy your demands. In many ways, this is much more than just a Fantasy Football tool. You pick from 270 different data points, some of which track very specific elements of the game like the number of times a player has hit the woodwork.

You can pick up to 15 stats for an individual table and then run a query to return your results. It’s possible to apply filters, so you only see players in – for example – a certain price range. It’s like you’re a scout. Indeed, many of the data indicators have little or nothing to do with Fantasy Football, which provides points based on key events like goals and assists. You just try leaving this section if you’re a football fan though. You can even save your stats tables and share them with the community, and there are a bunch of heatmaps you can query.

Gameweek Live

This is the final named category of the Fantasy Football Fix the main menu, and it contains the most clandestine of all the site’s features. In free mode, it still shows you how you are doing compared to the rest of the playing community. But it’s the premium features which are interesting. Indeed, if you thought, Marcelo Bielsa contravened some unwritten rules when he sent some scouts in brown macs to watch opponent’s training sessions with binoculars, just wait until you see what you can do here. Quite simply, by loading the IDs of your mates’ teams into this area of the site, you can spy other members of your mini-leagues.

Fantasy Football Fix will show you their team, their transfers and compare your possible performance to theirs. Your opponents appear in your ‘rival’ tab, and you can track current and expected average points for the game week and check out their squads and compares yours to theirs and even track your transfers. As the algorithm recommends squad changes and transfers for your own squad, it provides a differential analysis of how the moves will affect your performance vs each of your rivals. It almost feels bad, but you can bet its addictive.

Fantasy football fix discount code

So, it’s free to sign up for Fantasy Fix, but as you have probably noticed, you will need to pay for many of the features. They’ve experimented with various models, but the current one works well. You can use the free tools as much as you like, but if you want to experience the advanced features, you can pay for them one-by-one, effectively building up your own customised version of the app. The Mini League Pack (which allows you to spy on your mates) is £2 a month. Everything else is £1 a month. There are numerous opportunities at the start of the season to pick up the fantasy football fix discount code.

Fantasy football fix review

Should you use fantasy football fix? I understand why players would choose not to use a tool like Fantasy Football Fix. You could argue that half the fun of the game is derived from your own decision making and how that translates into points. However, if you are short on time or like to gain an advantage, then this tool can make a huge difference to your overall experience. It also helps you learn and reach better decisions of your own accord over time. The sheer amount of data and analysis the Fantasy Football Fix team have incorporated into the website is eye-watering, and it now functions as much more than just a Premier League Fantasy Football optimiser – it’s a football stat fan’s dream. You can use as many or as few of the site’s tools as you like to manage your team.

If you’re a keen Fantasy Football League fan, it’s got to be worth a try. You might be surprised about how much you enjoy the whole experience.

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