Fantasy Premier League App

Fantasy Premier League App is here, and it is free to download.  It allows you to play, control and more while on the move and there are no limits. The app has been tested, and it meets the latest requirements. You will download a stable version which passed all the tests and works on most smartphones of today.

PLEASE NOTE: As at 28 December 2018 we have first handed experience that the mobile app does not save your Captain choice. We strongly suggest not using the FPL App to make changes as they may not be saved correctly. Use the desktop version instead. Yes, that sucks and it shouldn’t be the case but you’ve been warned (ed.)

fpl app

Fantasy premier league official app

The most significant advantage of the app is the ability to manage your team completely. There are no restrictions or any issues here. Now you can play whenever you are at the moment and enjoy the experience you got while playing at home, using a PC or a laptop.

The next best thing about the app is the Matchday Live which is used for live blogging and sharing the latest fixtures. Furthermore, the app allows you to keep track of all the fixtures, tables and results in real time. Don’t forget that PL2, the Champions League and U18 are supported as well.

One of more interesting options is the ability to get the details statistics and data of each club in the history long 26 years. We also liked the ability to watch some of the best goals and manoeuvres in the league. They are available as videos within the app. But, all of us have the favourite club in the league. The app also allows us to get the latest news and updates related to the club. There is no need in telling you that you can monitor all the data associated with your club as well.

Fantasy Premier League App

Key feautures of the app include:

  • partaking in the fantasy premier league draft
  • push notifications on your favourite team of any other team
  • week to week fixtures and results (with results going back 26 years)
  • fast and response mobile app which mirrors all the desktop version from the premier league website
  • player comparison stats including a breakdown of the season, club and position (forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers)
  • comprehensive league news

The bottom line here is that the app allows you to control your team, to get the latest gameweek news and the most exciting goings on in the league. For all players and fans who are addicted to fantasy sports, the app is just a must-have.

Fantasy premier league app free download

The official fantasy premier league app is free to download, and there are no hidden costs. There are no additional requirements whatsoever, so you are free to download it today and start using it as soon as possible. Also, there are no surveys or similarities that are related to the app download. You can download it on ios and android platfroms from Google Play, App Store and Amazon. In all cases, the download process will take a few minutes depending on your interest connection.

Due to the fact, the app must be connected to the league servers at all times; you will need the internet connection at all times, or when you are planning to use the app. Most features will work on slow internet connection, but you are going to need HSDPA or Wi-Fi if you are planning to get the latest videos, the most appealing events or any of more advanced features the app has to offer.

Fantasy premier league app free download

Premier league fantasy football app android

The premier league fantasy football app is free to download from the Google Play. We tested it with many, different smartphones that run on Android and it works perfectly. All new smartphones are supported as well, so there won’t be any complications either. An interesting fact is that the app works on older devices as well, which run Android 6.0 and even 5.1 operating systems. When it comes to hardware, it will run on all Android smartphones capable of running the just mentioned versions of Android operating systems.

Fantasy premier league official app

Premier league fantasy football app for iPhone

The fantasy football league app for iPhone is available on App Store, and it runs on iPhones and iPads. To download it, all you need is a valid account for the App Store and the internet connection. The app was tested with the latest developments from Apple, and it runs perfectly. Additionally, we checked it with iPhone X, 7 and 8 and the app performed well, without any complications.

We should add that the app is also free to download and use for Apple devices. There are no additional requirements whatsoever and the version you will download at the moment is a stable version of the app. It also works with older iPhones and iPads, although some features will require more time to be loaded and accessed.