Fantasy Premier League Points

The main element of fantasy football premier league is the point system. It has been used to make a difference between the teams and to reveal the best players. In general, the entire system is very easy to use, and it comes with a few basic rules. Once you understand them, you will be able to manage more effectively and to focus your actions on gameplay that will help you win more points.

Fantasy premier league bonus points

Fantasy Premier League bonus points are still confusing for some players, but lets try to to explain it. All you need to remember is that three best players in every match will be rewarded with bonus points. The best player will get 3 points. He is a player who scored the most goals. The second best will get 2 points, and the third footballer will get 1 point. There are no additional bonus points available in Fantasy Football.

Bonus points will be accredited to your account 60 minutes after the end of a match.

Fantasy premier league points system

Now we should explain how and why points are given to the footballers. There are several situations when players will receive points, and now you can see why and when this is going to happen.

1. Players will get 1 point when they play 60 minutes. They will get 2 points if they play longer than 60 minutes. The time referring to the play time without injuries.

2. 6 points are given when a goalkeeper or a defender player scores.

3. If a midfielder scores, he will get 5 points.

4. An attacker will get 4 points when he scores a goal.

5. Each player who assists another player in scoring will get points as well. In this case scenario, he will get 3 points.

6. Midfielders with clean sheet get 1 point while defenders and goalkeepers with a clean sheet will get 4 points.

7. The goalkeeper can gain additional points. For every three shots he defends, he gets 1 point. If or when he defends the penalty kick, he will be accredited with 5 points.

There are situations when a player can lose points. For instance, each yellow card is responsible for -2.5 points while red card will decrease the point score by 5. When a player misses a penalty kick, he will lose 8 points. All of these points will be added after a match.

The full premier league fantasy football stats are available by selecting on the Statistics” part of the main menu

Fantasy premier league points scoring

The bottom line here is that the point system in Fantasy Football is very easy to comprehend. It consists of a few basic rules, and it refers to all the players. In general, a more successful team will get more points. The least successful team with plenty of misses, yellow and red cards will get the lowest number of points. That’s why it is important to make adjustments to your team and to make it as strong as possible.

Keep in mind that in some cases your team can be accredited with the points after the last match in a day.