Fantasy premier league rules

Let’s talk about rules you will need to understand before and after you start playing Fantasy Football. Yes, there are a lot of them, but all of the rules are simple, easy to understand and they are obvious if you have any knowledge regarding the premier league.

Premier league fantasy football rules

The first rule is how to form your team. Each player gets a budget of £100 million and he must find 15 footballers. 2 must be goalkeepers, 5 midfielders and 5 defenders. 3 players are forward footballers. Of those footballers, he must choose 11 to form his team.

It is mandatory to select a captain and a vice-captain. A captain will get his points doubled. At this point, you must know that it is mandatory to select the replacement footballers for your team. They will replace injured or absent footballers when needed.

Transfers have a huge deal in fantasy football. After the season start, you get 1 free transfer per a game week. Yes, you can still have additional transfers, but each one will decrease 4 points off your score.

Each player can use chips. Each chip can be used once per a game week and there are several differences. For instance, you can use a chip to triple the points of your captain, to get free transfers in a game week and to include points scored by bench players into your total score.

Each player can compete in his own, private league or enter a public league which consists of 20 randomly selected teams. During gameplay, each game week has scheduled deadline which can be changed. In a case of change, players will be notified.

The cup starts on game week 17 and 4,194,304 scores are possible. Each team will be randomly drawn versus another.

Fantasy premier league wildcard rules

A wildcard allows for a player to perform unlimited transfers during a game week. Each player has the ability to use wildcards two times. The first time is in the first half of the season and the second is in the second half of the same season.

Once you use a wildcard, all saved free transfers will be canceled. Also, you won’t be able to cancel a wildcard. Once applied, it will be valid through the game week so use them carefully. The fpl wildcard also allows for you to get transfers for free before you applied the wildcard and all transfers in the game week will stay free.

Fantasy premier league points rules

There are several rules in this case scenario. The first one is that all players who play 60 minutes and longer will be rewarded. All those who score are rewarded as well. Bonus points are awarded to 3 best players of a match. Points can be decreased from a total score as well. They are decreased when a footballer misses a penalty, gets a yellow or red card.

Now you know all about the rules in fantasy football and you are ready to start playing as soon as possible.