Fantasy Premier League Wildcard

One of appealing FPL features is a wildcard. The Fantasy Premier League wildcard has been used in transfers only and it is something that can assist you to improve your team significantly. Of course, you will have to know some basics regarding the wildcards. All of that is essential in deciding when you need to use a wildcard and what to expect!

What is a wildcard in fantasy premier league?

A wildcard is used to help you make multiple, massive transfers to your team. For example, if the team has too many injuries, a wildcard can be used to make the needed transfers and allow for the team to reach higher, better results. Keep in mind that the score deduction from the transfers will be removed once the wildcard is used. Also, a wildcard is known as chip and it comes with certain rules. It is added in order to make the game more appealing and simpler, especially for newbies and those who have different complications with their team or teams.

Fantasy Premier League Wildcard

Fantasy premier league wildcard rules

There are two wildcards players can use. One is available between the season start and 29th of December, by 14:00. The second is available after the just mentioned period and it will be used for transfers in January. Also, a wildcard is used only for transfers that are related to points. Once selected, the transfer can’t be cancelled.

We must point out that wildcards are given for free in the game. You should use the first one in order to get the seconds one or you will leave with just one wildcard per the entire season.

How to play wildcard in fantasy premier league

In order to use the wildcard, you will have to visit the transfer section on your profile. At the beginning of the page, you have the ability to choose a wildcard. Once you have selected, you will see the team formation. Choose the players you want to replace and choose the desired player. Then make the transfer.

You should know that if you use the first wildcard, which is available by the December of 29th, you will get another one after that period. But, if you don’t use the first card, you won’t get the second one. Wildcards are developed and used for massive changes and they can have a massive effect on the team management and help you reach better results almost instantly.

How to play wildcard in fantasy premier league

Fantasy premier league wildcard cheat

One of the wildcard cheats that is frequent at the moment is the ability to free the funds in the wildcard team. You will have to set the two regular goalkeepers, in order to get the following advantages. Basically, you will get a much better rotation, get a better insurance and a more adequate backup in a case of the injury.

Cheats for wildcards in the Fantasy premier league do exist, but the game management is constantly looking for the loopholes and how to prevent them. In case, you want to use a cheat, make sure it has been checked and tested. Also, make sure the cheat is latest and it has proven a result on the wildcard strategy and advantages.

Wildcard fantasy premier league

Now you know what the wildcards in the fantasy premier league are. As you were able to see, they are an essential method used for making important team transfers during the Gameweek. Wildcards are easy to use and they are available for all the players. Also, there are no many rules and limitations to them.

In order to get the most out of a wildcard, you should use it specifically and at the right moment. The cards are designed to be used when a team doesn’t perform well and when you have too many injuries in a team. A wildcard will solve all of the related issues and help you restore the strength of a team. This is also the most common and the most recommended situation when you should use a wildcard.

Now when you know all about wildcards, start playing the Fantasy premier league and keep eye on your team performance. If you need several, transfers, you know what to do and how to make the best of them.