FPL twitter

Using social media to your advantage while playing fantasy football is definitely something you should do. There are a lot of benefits included and at the same time, you will be in the world filled with the latest matches, situations, and events all associated with fantasy football. There are a lot of places where you can get this type of advantage, and now we will present them to you. Right now we will be focused on Twitter accounts of the best types of fantasy football.

FPL Twitter

Fantasy premier league twitter

Fantasy Premier League Twitter account is something you should start following if you have been playing in this league. The account has more than 600.000 followers at the moment, and it is used by beginners, intermediate and professional players who want to elevate their game to the next levels.

The account will share the latest information, interesting matches and all other elements associated with the Fantasy Premier League. We were able to discover countless information within a minute. Keep in mind that this is the place where you can download the official fixtures and the latest changes applied to the league.

the sun dream team twitter

Dream Team Twitter account is obviously different. It is focused on Dream Team fantasy football, and there you can see countless news, useful information and be in touch with the latest modifications and rule changes in the game. However, the account comes with an interesting advantage. They offer a lot of funny videos and pictures all associated with fantasy football. It is impressive what these guys can share, and we had a lot of fun visiting their Twitter account.

The Sun Dream Team Twitter

At the moment the account has over 100.000 followers, but the number is increasing as we speak and you should be one of the new followers.

the sun dream team twitter

Telegraph fantasy football twitter

Another place to visit if you are using Twitter is Telegraph fantasy football. There are around 10.000 followers, and the account is developed to stay in touch with the latest happenings with the Telegraph fantasy football. All the possible stats, strategies and also useful tips can be found there. We liked the overall professionalism and the attention to details the account has prepared for its followers.

The Telegraph Fantasy Football Twitter

Here you can also pay close attention to the point system and stay in touch with the latest points awarded in fantasy football.

Telegraph fantasy football twitter

Sky Sports Twitter

With 52.000 followers the Sky Sports Twitter account is something powerful and hugely important in the world of fantasy football. You can use the account to obtain useful information, tips, scores, strategies and so much more. The level of professionalism is high, and we liked spending online time following the account and analyzing the data provided.

Sky Sports Twitter

The account will also reveal all the winners and players who made any kind of contribution. They have been with us for a long period of time, and we can see that the number of followers had steady growth in a long period of time.