Sky Fantasy Football

Sky Fantasy Football is one of the top Fantasy Football sites. You are free to go to the official website and register your account. As soon as you are done, you will have to create your team. To do so, you will use transfers, meaning that you will have to purchase the players in your team. Each one comes with a detailed price.

The Sky Fantasy Football offers a cracking £50,000 Jackpot prize.

Sky sport fantasy football

Once the Sky sports fantasy football team is assembled, you will have to choose a captain. It is on you who will be captain in your team, and you are free to change him when needed. Each player can adjust the strategy of a team. You must use 1-3 players as attackers, 1 goalkeeper, and 1-3 defence players. Other than that, you are free to use any strategy you like.

Your gameplay will be definitely appealing. You will be on the seat of a manager of that particular team, and your goal will be to defeat other players who are represented by other teams. For each winning you get points and more points, you get a better rank in the game. Don’t expect to be the first and the best player as soon as you start playing. There are thousands of gamers from all parts of the world, so the competition is tough. Check Sky Fantasy Football Points for more information on the point scoring system.

The game is slightly different compared to others simply because there are actual cash prizes. The best manager will win £50,000 with 2nd £10,000 and third £1,000. This is just one of many reasons why the league is extremely popular and very competitive.

Sky sport fantasy football

Sky fantasy football app

Sky Fantasy Football can be played using a computer or a laptop. All you have to do is to visit the official website, create an account and start playing. Although good, some gamers wanted an app for their smartphone. Luckily, now you can download the free Sky Fantasy Football app from the Google Play and App Store and install it on your smartphone. After that, all controls and the major features will be available all the time on your device.

Sky fantasy football app

One, more advanced option is to create a league all by yourself. Once you do, you can invite your mates to play the game. As a team owner, you can set up a prize which will be rewarded at the end of a season to the best gamer. The prize is automatically added to their account. Besides, this capability makes the Sky Fantasy Football more than just popular among the football fans who like playing as a manager. Each player gets one team for free, but if you want more than just one, you will need a premium account.

The news section is more than just essential for the gamers. It allows for you to keep the eyes on the players, injuries, price changes, transfers and so much more. Despite the fact this is a game, the news is realistic and have a massive effect on the entire gameplay.

Fantasy football sky

The bottom line is that Sky Fantasy Football is another example of the best Fantasy Football capabilities which are available for all gamers from the comfort of their home. The game is extremely popular at the moment and we expect it to be even more popular shortly. Compared to the Fantasy Leagues, this one is one of the best and the most popular. Thanks to the actual prizes, thrilling gameplay and so many features, each gamer can be a manager he always wanted to be.