Sun Dream Team Rules

Sun Dream Team rules are straightforward. You must be 18 years old or older to play the game. You get a budget of £50 million to create a team of 11 players. Your budget can’t be increased, and you must use it for transferring all 11 players to the team. Each season is divided into 38 game weeks. Furthermore, all players must be from the United Kingdom or ROI. The total prize of £175,000 will be divided between the best players accordingly.

sun dream team transfer rules

When it comes to transferring rules, they are simple as well. Each manager will get three transfers per month. There are also three additional transfers added to each, first Friday of a week. Most transfers are processed immediately, and they are known as eligible transfers. In a case one of two teams started a match or a game week with that, particular footballer, he will be transferred at the end of a game week. These transfers are known as pending transfers, and they are a mandatory section to know in the Sun Dream Team Rules.

sun dream team emergency transfer rules

Sun Dream Team emergency transfers are removed from the game. Instead, you will get three additional transfers each first Friday of a month. As such, we should add that transfers will be processed on monthly basis.

sun dream team points rules

The rules of Sun Dream Team fantasy football are almost the same as in other leagues. What this means is that your team will get points according to the success in matches. The main rules that each footballer will get a different number of points based on his performance. Here are a few rules.
All players get 5 points when they score. Those who score 3 or more goals get additional 5 points. Who Scored Star Man gives you an additional 5 points. Who Scored Player Rating of 7 and more gets 3 points. No goals conceded (for goalkeepers and defence players) +5 points. When a goalkeeper saves a goal, he gets 3 points. Assisting a goal will give your team an additional 2 points.

sun dream team scoring rules

There are rules that cause point deduction. For instance, a yellow card causes your player to lose 1 point, a red card 5 points when he misses a penalty kick 3 points.

All points are collected and calculated after each match. At the end of a game week, your rank will depend on the collected points while playing the game. The same applies for the end of season rank.
Sun dream team scoring rules

All teams score over the course of Regular Season according to their performance at Eligible Matches. It is important to start a season before the first eligible match. If you start after it, you will need to wait for the next eligible match to start scoring. It can be on the same day or in some cases a few days after. All team scores are processed equally and the best ones are revealed after each game week and after each season.