Telegraph Fantasy Football App

Due to the recent popularity of the Telegraph Fantasy Football league, they have revealed the Telegraphy Fantasy Football app. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. The Telegraph Fantasy Football is slightly different than similar leagues at the moment. Mostly because managers will get the ability to create one free fantasty football team and pay for any others. There is no upper limit on the number of the teams, but this is a premium option. If you decide to play the league, you will need to get a season ticket to participate in different championships and tournaments. As with other fantasy football league sites you can change your lineup each week

Daily telegraph fantasy football app

Telegraph fantasy football app androidUntil recently using a computer or a laptop was the only way to participate in the Daily telegraph fantasy football league. Luckily, Daily Telegraph revealed that they had launched an ios android app that is going to be available for the most popular smartphones. As you may know, they are Android and Apple smartphones.

The app is beautifully made, with vivid colours and with plenty of features. It can completely replace the need for a computer, and it offers the ability to play a game anywhere in the world. The app will require the internet connection to operate. All of you can use Wi-Fi or HSDPA connections to access the game servers, make changes, play the matches and so much more. Regardless of the fact which smartphone you use, you can get the valuable information the app now offers. The first thing we will reveal is that the app offers detailed information about each player. You can see his value, points and even statistics about his play. Each player comes with a unique, real-life photo, so it is very appealing.

Telegraph fantasy football app android

All of the Android users now can download the app on the Google Play. The app is completely free, and it takes just a few minutes to be downloaded and installed. A great thing about it is a fact even the oldest smartphones will support the app. Due to the fact, the app will only be a bridge between the official website and servers of the game; there is no need to download massive files to the phone. This is important for addicted managers who are looking to play the game as often as possible.

Additionally, we must reveal that the app available for you to download is a stable version. It merely means that it has been tested in real-life situations, on different devices and the developers and testers approve it. You won’t encounter any issues with the app or the features it has to offer. The last thing we want to reveal is that the app is a massive improvement for Android users. It is loaded with all the useful features you may need, it is easy to use and features the best graphics possible.

The android community have resoundinlgy given the app a thumbs down and it scores only 1.5 – best you be the judge.

Telegraph fantasy football app iPhone

We can see that the Telegraph fantasy football app is available on iTunes App Store as well. The mobile app is entirely free to download. There is a gambling disclaimer to be accepted prior to isntalling the app and that users should keep that in mind. Don’t forget that the app requires you to be 17 years old at least and only after confirmation you can download it. When it comes to the size of the app, we have good news. It is only 15MB in size, meaning that the download and the installation processes are going to take under 5 minutes of your time. The second requirement here is the iOS 9 or later. It won’t be compatible with older versions of Apple devices that run on iOS 8 or lower!

The app is available for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Only the devices with a touchscreen are supported, so this can be revealed as another requirement. The iOS app is tested and approved as well, so you will download and use a stable version which offers plenty of features.

Proving that Apple and Android users can occasionally agree, Apple users also rate the Telegraph Fantasy Football app poorly at a mere 2.2 out of 5.

Telegraph fantasy football app iPhone

About Telegraph Fantasy Football

The Telegraph Fantasy Football offers more than £100,000 in cash prizes and prize money. Yes, you can win real cash despite it being a fantasy sports competition. They also allow you to create a fantasy football team in the Champions League, Premier League and The Championship.