Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League

The Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League is basically similar to other, fantasy football leagues you can play online. In a nutshell, you will create your own teams, use different tactics and play matches versus other teams. You will be in the seat of a manager. However, there are some, major differences.

The first difference is in the teams you will be able to lead. After all, you are in the role of a manager, so you must create the best team and lead it through the Premier League. The first team is free to create and play with. However, in order to use additional teams and to play more matches, you are going to need a season ticket. It is available at a price of £4.99 and you get the ability to lead 2 additional teams. A much better option is Season Ticket Extra, which allows for you to have 5 additional teams. It is the most recommended option and it will cost you £9.99. Keep in mind that if you are playing in order to win a prize, you are going to need multiple teams.

The most appealing difference for some of you is the list of prizes. Yes, playing the game you can actually win real money which will be deposited to your bank account. We will explain this matter in detail later on.

How to play Telegraph Fantasy Football

In order to play the game, you will have to visit the official page of the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football, create an account and create the first team. If you recall, we did mention that the first team is free to create. On the other side, you are going to need more than just one team in order to win a prize.

The game can be played using a PC or a laptop. In which case you will have to visit the website and run the team from there. A more preferable option for some of you will be a free app. It was recently launched and it is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

In both cases, you will have to choose the best players for your team, you will have to use desirable and successful strategies and tactics in order to win a match. At this point, the competition is tough, so you will need the best team, useful tips and practice in order to achieve success.

Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League

Some of you will be the beginners to the game. It is important to remember that the game places you as a manager of a team. As such, you will have to make transfers, to choose a strategy and to lead the team to the victory. It is relatively easy once you get a better idea about the game.

Transfers are the most important part of the Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League. In the beginning, you will get a fixed budget of £50 million to create the first team. Make sure that you have selected the best players with the best performances in order to have a strong team. The budget which is given is the same for all the players and it is used for creating one team only.

Once again, we must mention that only the best teams will actually win one of 10 different prizes. Add the interesting gameplay and countless options and you can clearly see why this is the most popular online game at the moment.

When creating a team, you will notice that each player has different points. They are actually based according to his performance in Premier League and/or FA Cup.

What prizes are on offer for Telegraph Fantasy Football Premier League?

The main fact to remember is that there are multiple prizes with a total value of over £100.000. They are available for Premier League and Champions League. In addition, the amount of money just mentioned is divided on different values. Don’t forget that you can also make a profit by playing different tournaments. The list of prizes is:

  • Overall prizes: £40,000
  • Golden Boot: £1,000
  • 11 best starting teams: £1,000
  • £10 One league/ £5 One League: £10,000/ £2,000
  • Best manager in a month: £10,000
  • Best manager in a week: £100
  • League of leagues: £500
  • Chairman: £500
  • Facebook and Twitter leagues: £100
  • Supporters: £50

This is just a glimpse of the prizes you can win. The maximum amount is massive and as such the game should be played for two reasons. The first one is fun and the second one is profit. We expect this season to be more than just popular and thrilling.